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You Have Skin Is Too Dry !

You Have Skin Is Too Dry !

Have you ever been plagued by dry, flaky, ashy skin in winter? The kind of skin that is not pleasant to look at, much less touch? If you have issues keeping your skin smooth and moisturized in the summer, chances are that winter isn’t treating you too well in this area–and let me tell you, I can sympathize. See, I live in Germany, in an area where forty percent humidity is the year-round norm. So, my thirsty skin goes into shock sometimes. Fortunately for me, and now you, there are ways to remedy dry skin that you may not have considered yet!

Well, the first one, you have almost certainly considered, but it is worth a mention. Get lotion. Good lotion. Many cheap, scented “fashion” lotions smell good and look promising, but inside, they’re little more than some kind of oil-based serum merely masquerading as a lotion. There are lotions that penetrate deeply into the skin and really go far to help dryness: a few keywords to look for are “for extra dry skin,” “nourishing,” etc. This lets you know that a lotion is actually geared toward combating dry skin.

One way to make it even more effective is to buy a cactus-bristled brush, called a dry body brush, and thoroughly brush your skin to remove its ever-present layer of dry, dead skin cells. The new skin underneath that was unable to absorb lotion previously will now be able to do so, and your overall condition will be improved greatly. Dry brushing should start at your extremities–feet and hands–and work inward in long, firm strokes toward the heart. Brushing the entire body should take about five minutes, which is not long at all when considered in light of the benefits it will bring! Do not forget to apply lotion after each brushing.

Sometimes the simplest way to combat dry skin can also be the best. Before I leave you to go lotion-shopping, one final note that is worth mentioning: sometimes pure oils, such as sweet almond oil applied after a shower when pores are the most open, can do what lotion with all its added ingredients cannot. Whether you find it in an essential oil or a dry-skin-removal routine, there is no reason to let dry skin have its victory this winter!
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