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F 5 Feminine Style For Her Tomboy

A girl always gentle with the boys scoring and everyone is pleased. Characters in costume this time is Nacy F5 Baby. There are so feminine nickname busy with school and work part-time should Nacy often wear large shirts and jeans. This habit that she did not know how to make her more feminine and worried because the first appointment with “him” in the air.

F5 Feminine Style For Her Tomboy

Stylist Ak Ti Nacy advise gently used items are in vogue this season, such as short skirts, chiffon maxi skirt, dress or dress smoothly hugs motifs.

Nacy life with the familiar costume & Dam goes well wide black and white colors are in fashion, hair floating loose Nacy is making more graceful. Black high-heeled shoes fashion leather ball. Round metal rimmed glasses make youthful face. Type chiffon dress smoothly with bulging arms with pierced fabric, unique bracelets to the table a refined silver.

F5 Feminine Style For Her Tomboy-

Classic girls with short skirts mix with high neck shirt tuck & Belts metallic materials to set accents perfect for light-colored map. If you want to honor 3 women over the standard, select dress shirts with floral motifs on a tutu, hugging and legs. With a complete set of dress design, you do not take time for the distribution map.

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Green maxi skirt colors can spark quite gentle white shirt with decorative details of the same color but darker shades. Black Belts are made of metal attached to the personalization of both feminine set maps, highlighted by brown leather bag. Neon colors will be eye-catching skirts balanced with neutral colors and tones with color shoes.

The accessory items of funny mustache, a variety of bracelets are still popular girls. The image is done with the help of stylist Ak Ti, photography Din Nguyen, Hung makeup, hair Ly Truing About, and Pretty Girl clothing shop 407, Tree House.

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