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Best Homemade Honey Face Scrub

For centuries, man has used honey as an emergency food. Its high fructose and glucose contents ensure that honey provides a quick energy boost that is virtually unmatched in the natural world. Beyond its use as a food, the earliest documentation of every literate culture in history listed honey as a valuable medicine and honey was considered almost a cure-all for topical applications. The reason for this is that its unique composition makes honey into a substance that is extremely hostile to harmful bacteria.

When diluted with another substance, honey releases hydrogen peroxide that acts as an antibiotic. Honey also contains natural antioxidants to fight the aging process.

Honey is Versatile
As a base for any topical application, honey is the one of the best natural substances around. The purpose of a honey based scrub can be changed simply by changing the ingredients added to the honey.

For Honey Face Scrubs
Basically any natural product commonly used in facial applications can be mixed with honey to increase its effectiveness.

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Moisturizing Scrubs
The most commonly used mixes for moisturizing are oatmeal/honey, milk/honey, and banana/honey. In addition to containing the antioxidants found in the honey, these scrubs add the moisturizing characteristics of the other ingredient – plus they’re dirt cheap and easy to make. Those seeking a more effective or exotic scrub tend to mix the honey with aloe or even a vitamin E creme.

Cleansing Scrubs
Facial cleansing scrubs combine the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of honey with the abrasive or gritty properties of another ingredient. For homemade scrubs, sugar is the most commonly used ingredient. Those looking for an exotic blend will add things like powdered almonds or beans.
The bottom line is that any natural substance that is beneficial to your skin can be combined with honey to make an effective and low cost facial scrub.
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