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Simple Treat Dark Underarms and Armpits at Home

 Simple Treat Dark Underarms and Armpits at Home
Dark underarms and armpits can be most embarrassing for you if you prefer to wear sleeveless dresses. Almost majority of us suffer from this problem. So here are some of the effective natural ways in which you can lighten your armpits and underarms.

Causes of Dark Underarms

The skin of our underarms is highly sensitive and there is excessive pigmentation because of melanin deposition. Sometimes this is due to hereditary but at other times it is also caused due to too much shaving of underarms, waxing and bleaching too. Rubbing antiperspirant many times may also cause skin darkening.

How to Treat Dark Underams and Armpits

Exfoliation is the key: Yes you heard it right, it is not just your face which needs to be exfoliated but even your underarms at least once a week. At times dark skin is caused due to clogged pores which occurs due to accumulation of sweat and dirt. So scrub the area gently in circular motions. You can buy a good scrub from drugstore or else make your own at home. Just take olive oil and brown sugar and rub the area softly.

It is believed that applying a moisturizer (non comedogenic) also helps in skin lightening. It reduces the clogged pores of the skin.

Change the method of hair removal: If you have been shaving your underarms then it is better to apply hair removing creams because shaving does not help to remove the hairs completely from the roots. You can even opt for waxing as a good option.

You also need to change your deodorants or antiperspirants which might be causing skin darkening. When you buy look for those products which are made for sensitive skin. They will work better for you.
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