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New 3 Trends “Collec” for Spring-Summer 2014

If you don't know what the hottest trends are for 2014 then you're in the right place. We've rounded up the best looks from the runways in our spring/summer

Miracle Black & White

Two basic color tones bring this classic beauty is the foundation for all combinations of random beautiful map. Please choose leather skirts or tailored trousers, white shirt and light jacket vest designs, regardless of black or white will bring you the beauty of her time and “beat” every penny directions are crowned. Looking at the economic perspective, it is also a smart investment by bringing items classic two-tone colors will also be available in many more fashion season.

New 3 Trends “Collec” for Spring-Summer 2014

Pluses for the perfect white dress – black, that is “compatible” virtually absolute even became the basis for the classic motifs tend to come back in recent years, such as polka dots (polka dot) wolf fang (hounds tooth) and can not help but mention the stripes are storming the catwalk many of the major brands. Miracle White – Black brings many combinations map for ladies, from clothing to accessories. Simple but effective!

Material Penetration

Shirts, T-shirt or skirt design penetrates material is crowned in the spring-summer 2014. Refer skirt pattern “evil twin” the back longer than the front and usually made of sheer material penetrated. The dress nicely represent this trend will not only bring the glamor of fashion for her, but also create the effect of soft and feminine while moving.

New 3 Trends “Collec” for Spring-Summer 2014

Attention should choose clothing colors between external and internal medicine in harmony to avoid the offensive.

European Recovery Chic

European recovery is always in the list of “must have” for anyone who loves fashion. The suit fit when work or even during special occasions. The ladies can totally see the elegant style vest BST Saint Laurent or the sleek design, the class of Victoria Beckham Spring  BST.

New 3 Trends “Collec” for Spring-Summer 2014

Regarding colors, the combination of the white – black is still the top choice, with a little more texture variations such prominent stripes or patterns to bold new style in 2014. Satin material is being used more as a fashion designer new definition for luxury trends.
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