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Normal but Effective Summer Skin Care Beauty Tips

 Normal but Effective Summer Skin Care Beauty Tips

Hot Summer is here, and you are worried about the dried out, burnt, freckle-dotted skin you see on so many of your friends. I know what it is like to fear the worst for your skin during the hottest months of the year, but I also know that summer skin care can be simple. Follow these easy steps to protect your skin from sun damage and maintain your youthful glow until fall.

Sunscreen Is Not Just for the Beach

Smear on the sunscreen every day, whether you are hitting the beach or working at the office. Sunscreen is your number one defense against skin damage that comes naturally with sunlight. You are soaking up sun when driving to the grocery store and walking across the parking lot to the mall. Make sure your skin is protected at all times. Even your lipstick should contain protection from the sun. The best sunscreens are oil-free and are SPF 15 or higher.

 Your Hat Is Your BFF

Make sure you have a hat with a wide brim when your day will place you in direct sunlight for even a short period of time. Even with the highest quality sunscreen, your skin will soak up some of those powerful sun rays. A hat completely blocks your face and adds some protection for your shoulders and chest if they are exposed.

Summer Nutrition

Eating nutrient-rich foods with antioxidants is always essential for beautiful skin, but your skin will thirst for antioxidants even more during the hot summer. Your skin will also need re hydration, so drinking a lot of water is important as well. Fuel up on fresh fruit salad rather than fruit pies. Simple dietary substitutions can help your skin glow.

 Underwater Protection

You cannot trust everything you read on a label. Many sunscreens that say they are waterproof will fail you when put to the test. If you notice that your waterproof sunscreen disappears when you take a dive, immediately trade it in for something of higher quality. You may want to reapply after a long swimming session no matter what type of sunscreen you wear. You can also choose to swim in the early mornings or late evenings to avoid the hottest hours of the day and your exposure to intense sunlight.

You should continue to apply a moisturizer compatible with your skin type if you use it during the winter. Summer skin care is simply a matter of meeting your skin’s need for moisture, nutrients, and protection from the sun.

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