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Skin Care Tips For Nice Party Feet

It’s getting warmer gradually and we start showing more skin from head to toe, especially when we go to parties or dates. Girls always try to look their best and spend up to two hours in front of the mirror doing hair and makeup.

Your foot care routine is as important as doing hair or taking a shower. Remember ladies, nasty looking feet and toenails put off people easily. But healthy looking feet are an attribute that makes every girl appealing! You don’t have to turn into a foot diva but getting a pedi once in two weeks must become a rule for you, especially in summer.

The popularity of open-toed shoes is on the rise and wearing them means your feet and toenails must look perfect. You can do absolutely nothing wrong if you opt for a classic French pedicure or a dark red nailpolish. A pair of sexy pumps can save you  any time you missed an appointment at your favorite beauty salon.

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If you’re not blessed with naturally beautiful and shiny toenails or you simply don’t have time to groom them, then just get fake toenails. If done professionally they look natural and last long if cared for properly.

Wear low-cut shoes that create flattering toe cleavage or put on a pair of strappy high heel sandals that showcase your pretty feet.

Loose shimmer body powder will help you emphasize how beautiful your feet and legs are. I always run a brush with some shimmer body powder on my feet and legs to add a healthy looking glow.

If you want to make your feet and legs look sexier or appear slimmer then use a self tanner the day before you plan to go to a party. 

The following video shows how to apply a self tanning lotion on your feet and legs to create that popular sun-kissed look:
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