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Hot Tips Regarding the Use of Color in Fashion

Do you know what the most makes fashion seem not boring? The answer is the color. By raising Color Full Day Fashion, designers in the fashion industry locally or internationally will be able to display a variety of interesting fashion.

Basic Tips Regarding the Use of Color in Fashion

Alloying matching colors here are usually also called color palette. Color palette is a collection of colors that have been designed so as to provide a combination of colors that work in synergy with one another.
Every era has a different color trends.

1• The 60s trend known as dark blue, gray and brown.
2• Year 70s known for bright colors like shocking pink and psychedelic colors.
3• Year 80s known as sparkling colors and flashy matching combined and crashed.

Color trend began in France in the late 19th century although eventually the dominant color of the world is not influenced by the French besardari but more oriented to the United States and Japan.

Basic Tips Regarding the Use of Color in Fashion 1

Which is considered as a determinant of color and the most important role in color is Pantone Inc.. Companies based in America and is a provider of determining colors for various industries in the world. Fashion industry is one of the industries most affected by it.

If you want to combine colors there are some fundamental things about the colors you should know. The first is not to use the three dominant colors at once. It will make you look too flashy. Also choose a color that matches the color of your skin. If you have dark skin uses a bright color such as beige or white and vice versa. If you were white wearing dark colored clothing rather.

But whatever the color of your skin does not ever wear light colored pants. Look for neutral colored pants and dark blue jeans. Light colored pants will collide with your boss if you also wear bright colors.
To perfect the look wear a belt that matches the color your shoes. This is to create an association your overall outfit.

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