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Skinny Boyfriend for Spring 2013

Jeans crosses all ages and all seasons, only the form changes. In the spring of 2013, Levi’s Skinny Boyfriend proposes for spring 2013

Levi's Launches a Skinny Boyfriend for Spring 2013

Boyfriend style and we love the cut too Skinny, Levi’s and when mixing these two styles together, it gives a result at the top. To the modern with the old, that’s exactly what Levi’s Boyfriend Skinny with this Jeans ultra trend born of recycling 501 for women. Last season, opened her Levi’s Tailor Shop for a personalized jeans for spring, Levi’s placing on the change of the cut.

Levi's Launches a Skinny Boyfriend for Spring 2013-

This year, Levi’s offers a range of worked more Boyfriends that will appeal too many of us. The Skinny Boyfriend is THE jeans that will not leave the season, a strong piece and both basic and especially that goes with everything and for any occasion. Levi’s perfectly designed our desires, and offers a more structured cut with legs more refined for a less “baggy”. The range Boyfriend Levi’s Curve ID, adapt better to our forms without reveal everything. The Levi’s Boyfriend Skinny us go perfectly marry our curves but not too much to keep an element of mystery.

Levi's Launches a Skinny Boyfriend for Spring 2013-04

Jill Guanza, Deputy Director of creating Levi’s wife says “Our new Boyfriend Skinny tribute to the hot and fiercely independent attitude of every woman looking for a jean to the image of his ruthlessness. The Skinny Boyfriend curves meet the size and buttocks without giving everything away and shrink at the legs, Skinny silhouette, slim and hot. Levi’s brings us the mouth water with this Skinny Boyfriend. We already feel the shopper, the thread and leave it. We already see in the top with a blazer and black boots or sneakers compensated feet. Fashionistas will also dote. Examples include Rihanna is unconditional Boyfriend style. When we see Rihanna Complex Magazine with Timberland Yellow or plaid shirt, it is said that she will soon adopt the Levi’s Skinny Boyfriend.

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