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Now Easy Choose Skirt Length

With the variety of styles and lengths of skirts available in store, you are able to choose the skirt that will truly your figure.

You may have noticed the new skirt length trend, slightly retro, worn just below the knee. Nice if you have long legs and size rather thin. Less attractive if, like many of us, you are of average size with a calf, you know, more robust.

How to Choose Skirt Length

The problem with this style of skirt? Length below the knee (the calf) is unbeatable crush silhouette and shorten the leg.

Fortunately, a variety of styles and lengths are among the trends of the mini skirt maxi skirt, short guide to direct your “hunting skirt” wisely!

Mini Skirt & Short Skirt (mid-thigh, about …!)

Mini Skirt & Short Skirt

Ideal to highlight the legs (and thighs) shapely flawless. Small principle to remember (unfortunately not applied in practice) the higher the skirt is shorter, the heel should be flat … We meditate on it!

Skirt Length Knee or Just Above

Skirt Length Knee or Just Above

This is THE universal length suitable for the vast majority of us since it was not like him to lengthen the silhouette In short: we love!

The more adventurous will above the knee while those who wish to conceal their knees will cut the height of the ball. Feel free to make changes to the desired length!

Skirt Length Below The Knee, Mid-calf and Ankle

Skirt Length Below The Knee, Mid-calf and Ankle

I set these lengths in the same category because they deserve more attention. Lengths are more difficult to wear because they carry an increased risk “crush” the silhouette and let direct do a little “aunt.” Everything is in the cut and proportion.

Maxi Skirt

Maxi Skirt

You can wear the skirt even if you are petite (5’4 and under). Again, it’s proportions: a large and voluminous skirt will tend to increase the silhouette while a lighter style and lengthen the fitting.

What is Your Favorite Length Skirt?

You can of course apply the same principles to buy a dress, happy shopping!

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