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Wearing The Colors Of Summer

Hot or not one thing is certain the summer will be colorful! From catwalk to boutique the trend is flashy colors but also softer shades like pastel. The color block almost makes the soul and gives way to print or play neutral shades mixed with strong pieces in tones.

While Wearing The Colors Of Summer As Its Silhouette While Wearing The Colors Of Summer As Its Silhouette 1

For those who shun the colors do not worry the hot is always and more than ever the honor and the total monochrome look white. Find decryption and advice morph our specialist VA Song, Advisor images.

The colors flash

They spend all of the small blue fuchsia through the grass and apple green or yellow chick … Red and orange are also part.
Regarding the blue this year it is declined in all possible colors Klein, turquoise, navy, sky … all variations are likely.

For nostalgic color block the trend summer does not prohibit mixing these colors. Head on up green grass and yellow skirt
For those who are still against by not inspired this year dare to color smoothly! The ultimate is to play the card of shades. You can also break with a bright white room. For example jean color flash and white t shirt.
Council Morph dare to color clothes you have to pick the right cut and the right material for your body type. For example, if your legs are round avoid skinny jeans yellow chick. Prefer a neutral color jeans and bet on yellow or other brightly colored blazer or biker version or another type of high…

Pastel colors

Beware of pastel colors (pale yellow powder pink, aqua green, blue) and the effect layette or candy.
Not to take too much risk it must break with white (t-shirt) or make it more cool and less girly with a piece of denim (shirt or jacket) or leather (perfect).

You can also make the most rock pastel by associating a color metal such as aluminum or copper. Or more disco with neon colors for bolder.

Council Morph total monochrome look pastel will not grow more than a monochromatic look beige, white, red or black. This is the principle of monochrome; it aims to lengthen the silhouette without balance.
However the total look is pastel difficult to wear in terms of style because it is fast and bland girl.

It is best to wear a pastel room with dressing your usual clothes or play on the extreme shades of color focusing eg on the green colored water (t-shirt) and green bottle khaki or dark (jeans or chinos).
Avoid wearing pastel places you want to refine as bright colors (if they are mixed with other darker color) tend to grow because the silhouette is cut.

The timeless look two tone black and white

Timeless and chic, worthy of the greatest designers the two tone black and white look.
Council Morph you use to refine the black part of your figure you want to jump. Most often the focus is on the bottom in black and white top. At least play the two tone pattern or print on a dress or a combination.
If this is the case, attention to the very large patterns that tend to grow. Prefer patterns or print purposes are based and which have a vertical rather than horizontal to refine the silhouette.
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