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The total look denim is one of main trends of summer 2013

The total look denim is one of main trends of summer 2013. This mode seems timeless as jeans settled for a long time in our dressing like a must.

The Total Denim Look for Summer 2013 2

Being dressed in denim from head to toe, this is a trend very 90′s! It was almost like doing a small tour in the old thrift store or dressing our mother to find the gem. Jacket, pants, shirt and dress are 4 rooms absolutely have denim in our wardrobes and this, whatever the year or season.

The Total Denim Look for Summer 2013

The material jeans are part timeless as well as leather and tweed for example. Denim has the attraction of immediately clear look cool and happening everywhere so destroy worn the jeans became so rock’n'roll! In short, we love the jeans decades and summer 2013 catwalks decide to revister for the umpteenth time. She has been spotted in total look at Miu Miu and Chanel (visual illustration above). Cara Delevingne wore during the parade Chanel Spring-Summer 2013 a customized dress jeans pockets crazy.

The creators take the risk to make the room look a star at the risk of touching the bad taste. For, indeed, the jeans is popular for its ability to get along with many other parts of our dressing room she rarely leaves the monopoly of our look. It combines with beautifully with a blouse or cotton for example with a neon top. The denim jacket is usually our best friend in mid season it easily carries all our dresses spring.

The Total Denim Look for Summer 2013 1

Only designers innovate and launch the challenge of wearing denim total look. Therefore, a priori, this summer we dare wearing our jeans skinny jeans with a shirt or light for example the dress jeans combined with a denim jacket. The duo seems a little dull and heavy so do we succumb to this trend with the arrival of summer?

It will use this mode with tweezers. In fact, we allow the eccentricity of a total look jeans provided varying shades of blue. Gross jeans with a shirt will therefore clear. Then the dress jeans very original is going to experience a second life with the summer of 2013, provided the boost with accessories very futuristic. One thinks Max ears so trendy jewelry, but also a multitude of necklaces of all colors. The choice of shoes is crucial in all cases! It is believed to boost our total jeans look with colorful sandals.

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