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How to Take Care of Your Feet ?

When the weather heats up, ladies, you may be thinking about what dresses you’re going to wear or what hot new haircut you’ll sport, but I’m thinking about my feet. That’s right: feet. It’s sandal season and I don’t want to be caught in cute sandals with ugly feet! Taking care of your feet isn’t hard work, but it does require some dedication and pampering. Try my five tips on how to take care of your feet to keep your toes looking great all spring and summer long.

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The first thing I do when caring for my feet is to soak them in water. Don’t make it too hot because you don’t want to dry out your skin. Use a warm or tepid foot bath. To make it even more decadent, add a small amount of rose-scented oil or rose petals, or the oil and flower petals of your choice. Twenty minutes of soaking is just right to soften the skin and get it ready for the next step.

Video Tutorial: Feet Soaking Methods

 I use a pumice stone to scrub dead skin off my feet, but you can also try a thick cream with scrubbing granules in it. Smooth it all over your feet, paying special attention to the heels, which tend to be the driest area. After that, use a towel to gently rub and remove any dead skin flakes.

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 Feet need a good-quality, thick cream to stay soft. I use one every night before bed, but especially during a foot pampering session. It feels so good to massage a great cream all over my feet. Again, I focus on the heels. Applying lotion like this on a regular basis keeps feet baby soft.

 In my opinion, a woman’s feet just don’t look “done” unless her toenails are polished. I don’t believe toenails have to match fingernails, either. Just pick a color you love. Since your toes are on display during spring and summer, choose something fun! My favorite polish colors for the feet are cherry red, hot pink, turquoise blue, sunny yellow and tangerine orange. Pick colors that catch your eye and fit in with the warmer weather.

 I love high heels, but to take good care of my feet, I don’t wear them all the time. It puts a lot of pressure on your feet to wear sky high heels every day. With so many cute flat-heeled sandals and wedges, there’s no need to sport stilettos 24/7. Give your feet a break with low or no-heel shoes at least a couple of days per week.

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Make foot care a regular part of your beauty routine. You can either do it yourself or visit a spa or salon for extra pampering. When my feet look good, I love showing them off in the season’s newest sandals!
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