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Foot Skin Care in the Winter Months

You might ask yourselves, why do more than moisturizing your feet after showering if you wear shoes in winter all the time and no one can see your feet anyway? Well, taking good care of our feet and toenails during winter is very important because even in the winter months our feet can suffer from itchy and dry skin let alone various skin infections. Our blood circulation decreases when it gets cold outside or when we constantly wear tight shoes.  

Who wants to have cracked heels and nail fungus? So, why not spend just 10 more minutes in the bathroom and pamper your feet?
Here are my foot care tips that’ll help you keep your feet healthy in winter.
Examine thoroughly your toenails, heels and the areas between your toes every time you take a bath or a shower. There should be no yellowish or blackish spots on your nails or any foot odor. In case, you do have it, it means, your feet get hardly any air. If you find corns, bumps and blisters on your toes, it’s a clear sign your shoes are too tight. 

Scrub your heels with a pumice stone or a foot file or do soft peelings once a week to get rid of dead skin cells. 

It is important to dry feet properly after washing them otherwise there’s a risk of getting nail fungus. If you happen to have it, consult a doctor right away and don’t self treat it! 

Cut your toenails straight across regularly to avoid onychocryptosis (ingrown toenails). In case, you have an ingrown toenail infection, please, go and see a doctor immediately! Do not get a pedicure untill your toenails are healthy again and wear comfortable shoes so there’s no strain on your toenails and there’s enough room for blood circulation.
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Apply some foot balm each time after you shower and softly massage it into your soles and heels. If you have extremely dry skin on your heels, wear cotton socks to bed overnight. Do not put too much foot cream between your toes as it may water log the skin or cause an infection. 

Be sure to always wear a clean pair of nylons or socks and replace the insoles of your shoes if your feet tend to get sweaty.

It does not matter whether your feet are small or big, it’s not important how long or short your toes are your feet are beautiful in their own way and deserve a nice treatment after serving you day by day and for those of you who’d like to do more for their feet, here’s a video showing how to do a foot massage:
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