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Wedding Makeup Tips

Wedding Makeup Tips

The prime purpose of using makeup is to make you look beautiful, so you must ensure using appropriate makeup products in a right manner. For your wedding makeup, you should use the foundation that best matches with the tone of your skin and goes well with your skin color. Use a foundation brush to apply foundation evenly on the skin without leaving any patches. Foundation should be applied on the neck and back as well.

When applying blush on your face, remember to remove any excess blush by lightly blowing on the makeup brush. This would make your makeup look natural. Also, never apply dark lipstick if your eye makeup is dark. However, if you want to apply dark lipstick, keep your eye makeup light. These simple tips will ensure that you look beautiful and natural on your wedding day.

The wedding day, the most waited day in a woman’s lifetime. There is something magical about this day for it turns every bride to be the most beautiful woman on that day. And no one could ever believe that this woman has passed the stress of preparation from the wedding gown design, to church, to reception and everything.

How did she become the most beautiful woman walking in the aisle? A little trick of using makeup makes a woman more exciting to look at.

The bride should wear a foundation that has a staying power to last from the time she walks in the aisle up to thanking the last guest in the reception hall. Avoid using foundation that makes the face too oily or too “cakey”. Foundation should also match the true color of the bride, not too dark neither too white.

Mascara should be waterproof, most brides cry at one point at the other, wedding ceremonies, exchanges of “I dos”, last dance with her father. So mascara should not smudge when these things happened.

Lip color should last for a long time, although putting lipstick from time to time is not bad. My favorite lipstick that last for a day even if I drink, eat and wipe my lips is “magic” lipstick. Then apply a different shade on it to have different dramatic lips effect.

Blush On should just be simple and color matching the real color skin tone of the bride, not to flashy red like a clown. In other words, less is the best. Simple but elegant.

Tips before the wedding day, although this is not a next day magic

  • Take plenty of rest at least a week before the big day.
  • Drink enough water will rejuvenate the skin from stress due to laborious wedding preparation.
  • Use comfortable shoes anyway, you will wear long gown and your shoes will not be seen when photos are taken.
  • Plan the bridal shower not the day before the wedding day.
  • Practice the makeup and the hairdo on the same time when the wedding will take place and estimate the time when will it last.
  • Take a photo to see how you will look on the photo, like your foundation not too white nor too dark and perfectly matches your arms and neck.
  • Apply lotion on your skin generously after bath.
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