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Half Up Wedding Hair

One of the most beautiful ways of wearing your hair for the big day is in a half-up style. This type of look is not very popular but it is one of the most romantic and feminine. Brides who want something individual can choose to make their hair halfway up and obtain for a classier look. This style is easy to create and also easy to customize to suit different tastes.
We love this type of hairdo because it provides the bride with more comfort and also with a relaxed natural appearance. There is also something very innocent about this hairstyle that can fit especially younger brides. The hair is usually pulled up off the face and gathered in a soft looks bun or tail. The greatest thing about this style is that anyone can reproduce it for herself.
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The bride can select this design for their bridesmaids and even for her if she’s on a budget. But let’s see what options you have for this type of look. The twisted half ponytail is one of the most modern ways to go for contemporary brides. You can wear it simple or add extra bling to make it more wedding-appropriate.
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The glamorous brides who want a more sparkling look can use a few jeweled accessories. If you want to try it on your own, start by taking the hair from the top half of your head and then secure it into a low ponytail. Depending on how sumptuous you want your hair to be pick as much hair as you want for your ponytail. The more hair you use the thicker and more dramatic the look will be. If you prefer a delicate look use less amount of hair. Those who want a sleeker look can straighten the hair and the ponytail. On the other hand, if you like the romantic and voluminous look, curl your hair by using a curling iron.
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Curled half-up hairstyles add more femininity and elegance to the bride’s look. If you want a more textured appearance, use different sized curling irons. This will also make your hair look more natural. It’s not necessary to make a bun when you’re wearing curls. But anything is possible and easy to re-arrange when dealing with half-up styles.
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We have another idea for those who want a medieval look: the medieval style braids. The braids can be twisted into individual buns or into one large bun at the center back of your head. This style is romantic without being too fussy or pompous. And we should also mention that it can fit perfectly well outdoors weddings. It can last beautifully in harsh weather and troubling wind. To add even more security, use a larger veil.
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