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Bollywood Actress Makeup Tips

Bollywood Actress Makeup Tips
Many of us won’t leave the house without applying makeup on the face. With Hollywood and media portraying attainable beauty standards women and men alike are forced to use makeup regularly. We often thank makeup for making us prettier and more beautiful than we are, but there are some long term negative effects of makeup that we should know about.

1. Allergic reactions - A very common harmful side effect of using make up is that it can trigger allergic reactions in the body. The different chemicals in the cosmetics that we use can cause various allergic reactions on the skin like skin rashes, swelling of tongue, lips and face, itching, scaling and discoloration.
It is advised to apply cosmetic products on a small patch of skin to check for allergic reactions. This is called a ‘patch test’.

2. Acne - Acne is another common side effect of applying makeup regularly. Using make up regularly can clog the skin pores and cause acne; cosmetic products can cause blemishes and black heads as well. Always remember to wash off make up before going to sleep to minimize acne, blemishes and blackheads.

3. Hormonal changes - Some cosmetic products use chemicals that can cause hormonal changes in the body, using natural/organic makeup products can help prevent this.

Makeup brings out the inner beauty. It helps in giving good charm and have a deep effect on others too. But, every coin has a positive and negative side. The makeup has also got its own demerits. It may sometime lead to skin infection and diseases. The skin infection if neglected will lead to severe skin problems.

Sometimes the makeup close make the skin loose and degrade the human face charm. It bring the aged factor in one's face. It is always better to consult a skin specialist before applying the makeup for knowing the suitability of the same to the skin.
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