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Black Hair Beauty Tips

Black Hair Beauty Tips 

Black hair either natural or dyed factions brand and hardens too much, so it will always be necessary to achieve a delicate and harmonious makeup.

What most hardened factions black haired women are badly plucked eyebrows, is that I always stress the importance of a good facial hair, but hair on black women where this is of particular importance.

Only with us to have a hair out of place and you will notice, is very dark and contrast with the skin, so take eyebrows always spotless, and before bed with tweezers will remove excess hairs, it is amazing how it changes our face only depilatory eyebrows and hair in black women even more.

Maybe your eyebrows are rather deserted, and you have to fill them with a pencil, in which case, black is prohibited, use the brown, dark of course, but never with black, the mark too much and we would look angry

A usual error black haired women, is to use a foundation darker than your skin, big mistake, it will correct the color of your skin, there is nothing more that the effect will chew artificial left dark bases, go screaming to world that you made up, better one of your own color, it best suits you

Makeup for blue-black hair - It is the most common when it comes to hair dyed, the colors you see are the roses sit in a matter of shadows and lipsticks, it does not make our traits, and add sweetness to our face, for the night can add some blue in your shadows and glitter.

Avoid smoky eyes and dark shadows, if you want a Gothic look. The blush that best suits you is also pink, combined with the rest of your makeup, and create a perfect contrast with the color of your hair. Ditch outlined very marked, and your day looks opt for brown mascara.

Makeup for very dark brown - Some girls have brown hair but, so, so dark it looks black, so they must follow the same guidelines as women jet black hair, plucking her eyebrows always good traits and harmonize as far as possible.

In this case gold and brown shades are the most indication, especially if you are somewhat tanned. Again outlined passes very marked, if you're a lover of eye-liner and you can not dispense with it (like yours truly lol) start your profile from the outer half of the eye, elegant unmarked too . As for the ideal color of the lip, will go from orange or salmon to beautify a red day to see us perfect explosive night.

The better you sit flush that is throwing pink salmon but applied in small doses, only a slight dab to mark your cheekbones slightly. Make pin-up, many of the sexy pin-up girls of the 50's, had very dark hair, and that did not prevent them being guapisimas, lining eyes with eye-liner, much mascara, along with red lips a pinch faint blush, were the keys to this makeup. Who knows ... may end up being a pin-up modern
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