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Hairdos For Winter Weddings

Each season has its own ways with weddings. There are essential aspects to consider when planning a winter wedding, as there are important coordinates to respect when organizing any other type of seasonal celebration. But winter seems more pretentious, don’t you think? This period is cold and cold usually affects many things, like your hair for instance! During winter hair dries out more and easier and this is why the wedding hairstyle for winter weddings is such a delicate matter to solve.
It’s always fun for a bride to plan her hairdo for the big day, but she must know a few important things before getting started. The first recommendation from our hairstylists is to keep the hair as loose are possible. Don’t wash the hair very often, especially around the time of your wedding. This way you will manage to strengthen it up a little bit and have it ready for the big day.
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Washing your hair less means keeping the natural oils in it and reducing hair damages. As for any other season, the wintry bride has to pick a hairstyle that can reflect her personality and suit the wedding style. Nevertheless, when we’re talking about winter ceremonies and parties, things always get more serious and elegant. So, if you want to obtain a dramatic yet chic look, opt for instance for a soft ponytail. This is our first recommendation.
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There is a modern approach to consider to the traditional ponytail, one based on more volume and texture. Giving the fact that during winter your hair might be more frail and fragile, the best hairstyle to adopt is a loose unsophisticated style. Keep the ponytail loose and curly and allow then hair to move freely in the back of your hair. This style works great with strapless gowns. No one would want her hair to fall and break after a tight and sophisticated wedding hairstyle. Another nice and soft way of creating a couture winter look without using too much spray or drying techniques is the chignon. You can opt for the French twist or for the side style.
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Use a spray that is not too shiny if you want a simple elegant look. But if you are a glamorous bride who wants a sparkling wedding, you can choose a spray that looks sleeker. We also recommend the French pleat which allows you to pull of the hair off the neck and place it against the head. Add more volume to it by using a volumizing texture whip. You can even wear your hair down. The weather is cold and the hair will keep you warm. Besides this, it’s more romantic to wear curly long hair with a fur cape, don’t you think?
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