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Makeup Styles New and Older

 Makeup Styles New and Older

Should be resistant to humid condition. Remember that so many lights will be encountered during the wedding day. From cameras, Liege lights and the lighting effects inside the venue.

Should be compatible to skin. Something that would not irritate her skin while wearing the makeup. We know that Wedding make up will stay in the face for quite a long time, because of the ceremony, plus the fact that bride would have to make a re-touch when it started to fade out.

Contain skin protection formula. If the location of the wedding is the beach or garden style wedding, much better if the makeup contains the right SPF or sunscreen protection, to prevent damage on the skin.

Different Makeup Styles 

Natural Makeup style - This is also called as the day time makeup style, which is usually used for beach wedding or garden wedding set up. This is simple and bride looks naturally stunning, and few cosmetics are applied on face.

Classic wedding Makeup - This is the typical style preferred by many. Since the usual setting of the wedding is Hotel or churches or indoor type, this is what most Makeup artist suggests. bride will look classy and formal.

Dramatic makeup style - This is the Makeup style what most woman who want to be the center of attraction prefers. Layers of makeup is a bit increased, but must be suitable and comfortable to the bride.

Romantic - Another favorite in the line of style of makeup. This is the fairy like style of Makeup, which is best suitable for the garden style set up. The bride uses soft and subtle make up. The usual color used here is the peach, pinkish and rosy colors.
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