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Old Style Wedding Hair

Going vintage on the big day is not the easiest path for a modern bride. And we don’t say that because she can’t find the right ingredients to plan the perfect look, but because of the wide range of ideas and styles to choose from! The biggest challenge a contemporary woman has to face when it comes to selecting the best wedding dress, shoes, hairstyle and accessories is to decide upon a single style.
The choices are multiple and only those who know exactly what they want can make this selection more rapidly and with confidence. But in most cases even the decided brides may have second thoughts at the sight of another fabulous design they encounter on the way. This is why we recommend you to go shopping with no plans in mind or strict etiquettes to follow.
Wavy Wedding Old Style Hair (Source: youandyourwedding.co.uk)

Draw a few lines for the budget and also for the wedding theme you’re having. Keep the choices within a certain style but don’t hesitate to stray if the situation requires it. You can perhaps find something eclectic or more versatile to go. And we know that 2012 brides are very pretentious about these things. The vast majority are looking for the perfect compromise between the old and the new and between all the elements that are afferent to these two styles.
Wavy Wedding Old Style Hair (Source: youandyourwedding.co.uk)

Nevertheless, we can’t say for certain that the hairstyles we’re showing you here for instance are utterly vintage. They are only inspired by this trend, but not completely old-fashion. Those who want something chic, nonchalant and feminine might find these hairstyles and accessories adequate for their wedding. In the first image we find a beautiful arrangement fit for a goddess type of bride.
Wavy Wedding Old Style Hair (Source: youandyourwedding.co.uk)

The decorative touches added to this hairstyle are the ones that make all the differences. Use flowers and all things natural to keep your look innocent, fresh and feminine. The boho look is one of the hottest right now, and the first bride captures the essence of this style. The forehead chains and ‘20s inspired bandanas are the ones to go to achieve this fashionable look. Wear a short veil if you want more drama for a simple hairstyle.
Wavy Wedding Old Style Hair (Source: youandyourwedding.co.uk)

Moving on, we recommend the Marilyn Monroe style inspired by the Fifties glamour. This is a pin-up style based on troubled bobs. This hairdo is wearable and very, very chic. It can fit any type of dress style! The sleek updo is for classic, vintage and modern brides-to-be. This is the most versatile. The undone styles are for modern brides, while the sleek couture updos are more adequate for the classic and traditional look. If you want something more fun and youthful, wear playful plaits, like in the last picture.
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