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2011 Trendy Hairstyles for Women

Get the most popular 2011 hairstyles for women. Find the fashionable hairstyles and get a new fresh look in the new year!
shoulder length hairstyles
In 2011 hairstyles are still evolving, but still referring back to many retro trends, just with an added touch of the future created by top hair stylists using the latest hair styling techniques to achieve cool new looks.Here represent some of the most fashionable and trendy hair styles with short to long length hair which are now a days in demand. Here are some 2011 trendy hair styles for you.
There are a lot female wear their hair longer these days.Long hair is still fashionable, as long as you are willing to put in the time to jazz it up, which need not take too much time at all really, as all you need do is plait a little, tousle a little, add a few accessories or curls and away you go. The latest and most fashionable thing for long hair, really is for it to be healthy and shining.
2011 short red haircut 
Although there are a lot people wear long hairstyles, but the short haircuts are fashional these days, a lot fashion women wear short haircuts in 2011. Short hair style is really easy to maintain just as you know, so the short hair style is very practical. The short haircut is quick to style and this year 2011 of course the best example of a brave short crop is being worn by Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham. It goes to show that short hair can still be ultra feminine, especially if layers are taken advantage of and the fringe is cut right to suit your face shape.
2011 short hairstyles
In 2011, the short hairstyles are getting shorter, punkier and more messy, even to the point of shaved short. Texture and color make these short business hairstyles flattering this year.2011 bob hair styles
cute short bob haircut
Alexandra sported a sleek bob with blunt-cut bangs.
Bobs are still popular hairstyles in 2011, so versatile, a bob can be textured or sleek, so whatever type of hair you have, fine or course, there is a bob out there for you.popular medium length hairstyles 2011
medium hairstyles 2011 

=This year medium length hairstyles should be glossy and voluminous, glamorously styled, but again tousled and textured looks are the style for 2011. Regular trims are necessary for medium length hairstyles so they do not look grown out.
Curly hair is going to be easier to maintain in 2011, with fluffy hairstyles being more acceptable, a bed head look, which we can all achieve without too much trouble, is trendy. The 80s vibe for curly hairstyles is still hot, but with an added touch of 90s grunge, curly hair can be backcombed to make it look untamed and give it the scrunched, tousled, street look. Perfectly formed ringlets, set with gel, are the opposite end of the curl spectrum, but none the less a fashionable hairstyle for 2011.
Of course, we will update 2011 spring hairstyles, 2011 summer hairstyles soon. After June 2011, we will update the 2011 fall haircuts and 2011 winter hairstyles. Bookmarking our website http://newhairstyles2011.com and get the new hairstyles 2011!
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