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Best Ways to Get Sexy your Lips Look Fuller

Best Ways to Get Sexy your Lips Look Fuller

One of the sexiest beauty traits any woman can have is full luscious lips. Having fuller lips complements your face and make lipstick examines better. Not all of us were born with an Angelina Jolie like pout, and seldom does anybody want through injection to get a fuller lip. Here are some affordable very simple tips to false full sexy pout without surgery. 

How to make your lips look fuller

Line outside your lips
Grab a lip liner in the same color as your lips and line around your lips. Be careful, make your line tight and really close your lips so it can appear as a part of your lip. If you go with a darker shade, make sure you have a matching lipstick so as not to look like you have a mustache.

Pepper mint
This is a cool homemade trick that get give an instant full lip. Just mix some pepper mint oil to your lips and you will feel lip you just have tooth paste on your lips. It will make your lips look fuller and feel fresh.

With your tooth brush you can move around your lips in small strokes. Your lips will appear pink and will be plumped instantly.

Conceal the middle
If you apply concealer in the middle area of your lips before applying your lipstick, your lips will have an ombre effect. The two tones will make your lips will bigger and will complement your lipstick.

Lip Plumper
Some lip glosses have a built in plumper and some just come in a plumper option only. The plumper works on provoking your lips to take more space than regular. They will feel a little numb, that’s just because they are practically swallow    

Shimmer Cupid’s bow
The M shape on top of your lips is called Cupid’s bow. Apply some shimmery white eye shadow or highlighter on it, this will define the M shape on top of your lips and make it look larger.

Bronze your bottom
Pass a brush with your favorite bronze under your lips. This will create a tan glow that is darker than your lips. The bronze trick makes your lips look pinker and drives attention to your lips.

Light Lipstick
 It’s known that any dark colors make things look smaller than light colors. While we use the dark colors trick to look thinner, we should reverse the trick to fake a fuller lip. All pink and nude creamy colors are create to use. Avoid browns and purples.

 By: Hadeer Hameed
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