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Emo Hairstyles For Long Hair

Coloring hair is very popular on emo boys. Emo guys & boys usually dye their hair black with chunk of bright color or highlight. The ways are varied; from only highlighting the bangs , the back, until coloring the whole hair. The most common emo hairstyle sign is the hair has long bangs covering half face with blonde or red highlight. The increasing number of hair coloring order gives raise to an explosion of many hair polish products. However, we can classify them into four categories:

Temporary Hair ColorIt is usually made from dye stuff that only coats the outer side of hair. It is easy to be rinsed and will fade easily after several bathes. So, it will reduce any possible side effects like allergy and irritation. It comes in many products such as shampoo, gel, mousse, and spray.

Semi Permanent Hair ColorThis hair color cannot fixate into inner side of hair. That's why the color and texture will fade after 4 to 6 weeks. It is usually used to cover gray hairs, increase the shinny, and soften the texture. So, your hair looks healthy and shiny. It can be absorbed by hair and it is safe from allergy and skin irritation.
Permanent Hair ColorPermanent color can penetrate the epidermis and the pigment in the hair stalk. Most of them use to stages of dyeing that happen simultaneously. The first process is replacing the genuine hair color and the second is fixating new one. So, the new one will be long lasting until it is replaced by the growing hair afterward. However, it has side effect coming from chemical agent that can deteriorate hair and potentially cause cancer in the next following days. 

Natural Hair ColorMost of natural products are made of herbs. They rarely cause allergy on the skin, unless they are combined with some chemical agent. One of the most popular plants for them is Henna (Lawsonia Intermis). Naturally dried Henna can produce brown, orange, and red. If it comes in blonde, brown, mahogany, there is a possibility of chemical agent combination. It has been used since thousands years ago. According to the research in Egypt, Cleopatra also liked to dye her hair using Henna ingredient to beautify herself.

Formerly, people planted and processed henna traditionally. But now it is processed more modern by changing into powder, so it is more practical and efficient. Although henna is a kind of natural color with mild side effect, it should not be used to dye eyelash or eyebrow. It is an external used ingredient and sometimes it can cause little harm to the body such as asthma and allergy. Besides for hair coloring, it can also be used for tattoo and nail coloring, especially in Arabic and South Asia.For a safer & better result, before you dye your hair with any product, you should take a kind of sample process first. You can apply the product on a certain part such as your ear. This way can be used to find out whether you are allergy of that product or not. Allergy can be felt like burning, itching, reddening, etc.
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