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6 Supreme Beauty Tips for Skin Care

6 Supreme Beauty Tips for Skin Care 

Supreme Beauty Tips for Skin Care. Every girl wants beautiful, flawless and fair looking skin. Some girls think making use of chemical products like make up would help them in getting beautiful skin maybe it will give their skin an apparent beauty but it will have its set of side effects. Natural and homemade products whereas can make your skin look beautiful without any side effects. If you are looking for homemade beauty tips then you have found the right piece of writing because this article talks about it all. Listed below are the homemade beauty tips which you should really try before going to a party or a special event in your life as this will help you in beautifying your skin. 

6 Supreme Beauty Tips for Skin Care

1.You can make use of lemon juice as a bleaching ingredient. Lemon does have the qualities of bleaching. Lemon can make your skin slightly fair so it is recommended that you apply lemon to your skin for ten to fifteen minutes and then see the difference as your skin becomes fairer and begins to glow.

2.Potato juice is also said to make your skin look fairer and since fair is what most Pakistani girls look for so I think it is another recipe towards a beautiful looking skin. Just apply some potato juice to face and till will lighten most of the dark spots which you might have on your skin.

3.Most of the skin specialist suggest that you put banana pulp on your face as this will make your face have that fine finish. Your skin will have that shine and you can look fabulous.

4.As our skin gets exposed to sun it makes most of the skin cells loose their life, and our skin comprises of more and more dead skin which does not look good. This matted and dead skin can be removed with the application of papaya juice. This juice if applied for sometime can repair your skin and remove the dead cells and give your skin a fine finish.

5.Oily skin can clog your pores and increase the production of pimples on your skin. So it is suggested that mix lemon juice with cucumber juice and apply this to your face for a little while. You will get rid of oily skin and your skin will get slightly fair.

6.If you have the problem of dry skin then this problem can be treated with eggs. Take the white of the egg and apply it to your face for fifteen minutes and you will have soft and smooth looking skin right after you rinse this mixture off.
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