Hairstyles For Oval Faces

You have been flattered many times before about the oval shape of your face. It has the perfect shape; in fact, most models have oval-shaped faces. The most beautiful faces in Hollywood have the oval-shaped face. Shouldn't it be easy to find a great hairstyle for you when your face shape is similar to that of Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Tyra Banks, Sharon Stone, and Uma Thurman? But when you look into the mirror, you see a hint of desperation in your eyes. You don't have that glamorous hairstyle. Not yet, at least. Here are some ideas that can help.

Styling Hair for an Oval Face 

The first step you should take in maximizing the potential of your oval face is to know this basic rule: never cover the perfection of your face shape. Your oval face is so ideal that you can even pull back your hair in a severe bun or pony tail and still look good. If you want proof, look for a woman who has a different shape of face, like the triangular or square or round face shape. Imagine the hair pulled back in a ponytail. The effect will be disastrous on them. On your oval face, you'll just look like you are ready for serious work. Make the bun a little bit more stylish and complement it with sparkling earrings, you will get a chic up-do and look ready for an evening party.

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Hairstyles to Avoid 

Keeping in mind the basic rule, there are hairstyles that you should always avoid. For example, you should avoid thick bangs that cover the shape of your face. If you should have bangs, consider other styles, like fringes, side swept bangs, or wispy bangs. If your hair is thick, never allow your hair to suffer a blunt cut. If your hair is curly, avoid short hairstyles because it will bury the femininity of the oval shape. It is best to keep a medium length to longer length of hair. Of course, if your hair is not curly, you will look good with pixie styles and short bobs.

And finally, whatever you do, avoid covering half of your face or adding short layers to add height to your head. If you made the mistake of instructing the inexperienced hairstylist to give you short layers, you will need to suffer for many weeks waiting for your hair to grow to a more desirable length, or you will need to keep wearing a hat.

Oval Face Features 

Now that you have a fair idea on hairstyles that you should avoid, the next step is to focus on the features of your oval face. This is where the glamour comes in. Basically, you emphasize the beautiful features and downplay the not so attractive ones.

Look closely at your bone structure. Do you have high cheekbones and a delicate chin? This chin should be highlighted with an angular bob. What if the chin is not delicate at all? What if you are one of those women with a strong prominent chin? You need to soften it by choosing longer hairstyles. The shortest length you can keep is right at the neck.

Check out your eyes. Are they deep? Do you know how to create the dramatic smoky look? Then you should draw attention towards these eyes. What you need are side-swept bangs. What if you don't have eyes that can launch a thousand ships? If your eyes are too close to each other, choose hairstyles that will cover part of the outer sides of your face. Forward hairstyles will provide the illusion of a more normal proportion. If your eyes are too wide set, you would want hairstyles that will expose the skin on the sides of your face. These hairstyles should never make the face look wider.

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