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You Know About Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects
Lasers are the newest in hair removal technology. Even though the cost is high, persons have grown to accept the treatment. In detail, lasers are seen as the best mode of hair removal today. although, the remedy does come with a equitable share of edge consequences, at times with fatal consequences. In January 2005, a woman from North Carolina lost her life when she put obtained and unwarranted allowance anesthetic elite before the laser remedy.
Edema (swelling of any organ die to excessive fluid) and erythema (redness of skin) are common occurrences post laser treatment. Some blisters may appear, mainly in darker-skinned patients, who could experience changes such as darkening or lightening of the skin that could last weeks or sometimes months. There is little risk of scarring or infection. However, if the blister is irritated there could be scarring. Clients may suffer loss of freckles, darkening or lightening of tattoo color and discoloration of moles in the areas of treatment. With the use the Ruby laser, there is a very minute possibility that a fever blister outbreak may take place, mainly when bikini areas have been treated.

It is imperative that people with certain medical conditions consult a physician before undergoing laser hair removal treatment. That category includes clients who have recovered slowly after having undergone previous treatments; clients with white/grey hair; patients susceptible to discoloration of the skin and pregnant women (even if there is no direct evidence to suggest that laser used for hair removal treatment can damage fetus).

Laser hair removal can cause fever blisters, particularly on the upper portion of the lip. It is best to go under antiviral medication before the procedure. Tanned clients should wait for the tan to lighten for best results. Those under prescription of photosynthesizing medicine like Accutane, should stop the medication months before the laser treatment, Clients using Retin-A, Accutane or tetracycline should discontinue the medication several weeks prior to the treatment.

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