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You Have Skins Worst Enemies?

A wrong choice of skin care or makeup products can be disastrous. And as a result, you can get rashes, skin irritations and even serious allergic reactions.

It’s a crime not to moisturize your skin regularly. But keep in mind that using the wrong mosturizer can mess up your skin. If you don’t know what type of skin you have, consult a dermatologist so you can be sure, your skin gets the treatment it really needs.

Exessive sun exposure will not only cause premature skin aging but in extreme cases will even lead to skin cancer. Although sun exposure is an important source of vitality and vitamin D, dermatologists say, it’s better to avoid spending much time in the sun.

Old makeup (older than a year) harms your skin. And I’m sure many girls are familiar with this problem. Us, girls, we just can’t throw makeup away and that’s why our makeup bags are full of cracked blushes, old eye shadows and dried out mascaras.  Remember to clean your makeup brushes once a week or replace them with the new ones because you don’t want your face to become clogged with bacteria and dirt.
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Negative effects of stress on our skin are also underrated. When people are under stress, some tend to eat more sweets, others – skip their meals which is bad for skin either way. Depressions and anxiety can trigger serious skin diseases let alone the fact that people start neglecting their daily body care routine.

Both exessive alcohol consumption and heavy smoking make our skin blotchy and cause it to age prematurely. It’s up to everyone to decide how many cigarettes he or she smokes a day or how much alcohol he or she drinks, but please remember exessive alcohol consumption and heavy smoking cause a number of serious health problems.
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