A niqab is a cloth which covers the face as a part of sartorial hijab. A new kind of option is offered in a hair salon located in Suresnes. This show reserves half of its area to veiled women.

A Salon for Veiled Women in Suresnes

Veiled and Well Aps

If you do not enter into the details and religious traditions, veiled women are primarily women. They are naturally concerned about their beauty, like all women. This is precisely why Le Marrakech, a hair salon located in Suresnes, in 92, dedicates a space where they can have their hair done without being seen by men. You should know that Muslim women have the habit of not being seen by men. The boss says this space is also dedicated to non-Muslim women, but who want to be quiet.

The Show Intriguing

If some see as a living space where veiled women can be beautiful sheltered from the gaze of men, others believe instead that it is a step backwards in terms of secularism. There are many people who are “shocked” by the decision of the owners of the premises. Half of the salon is indeed devoted to veiled women. The boss, he thinks that it is a “private” space for Muslim women, there is no problem for the municipality.

Associations Have Differing Opinions

While Abdel Ghani, president of the association of Islam and Coordination Company believes that there are no particular problems. In his view, the proposals in this salon are the result of “the law of supply and demand” On the other hand; the association of Nanterre Zy’va reacted strongly. The President of the Association said that such a proposal the shocks in a secular country like France. According to him it incites never move forward to eliminate all forms of discrimination.

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