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Best Tips For Wearing The Camel Color

The camel is the color trend of recent seasons. From clothes to shoes accessories, it is practically everywhere! Our advice on how to wear this color.

Tips For Wearing The Camel Color

Choose the Right Colors to Mix With Camel

The camel is chic or retro, depending on which colors you wear it. Enthusiasts prefer vintage fashion shades pink. Example, you can wear a pink blazer over pants camel. For a more summery look do not hesitate to associate the camel with a bolder color. Examples include orange hue which is a little closer to that of the camel.

To look without missteps wear camel with denim. This is a quite sensational duo! Example, you can wear a little leather jacket or a camel jacket over a pair of jeans. And evenings, black remains a safe bet. Again do not hesitate to mix this color with camel but always just dose.

In the Camel Touches

Avoid wearing camel total look! Tend to be it must only wear touches. The idea is to maximize two pieces in this color. Several options are available shoes and a camel bag jacket and shoes, pants and bag, etc.. It is up to you but always wear another color. If in summer this color evokes warmth sun and safari in winter, it warms the look.

If you are unsure how to wear this color or that you are afraid of making a bad taste, choose safe values to be on top of the trend. Among the timeless sound values and timeless there is of course the boots in a tizzy. Cowboy boots ankle boots, boots, flat or heel … Treat you! Camel bags are also key pieces to have at home. And of course, do not forget the small accessories such as scarves. Regarding clothing, the ideal is to opt for a jacket, blazer or coat.

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