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Most Wanted Best Natural Remedies for Cracked Lips

Most Wanted Best Natural Remedies for Cracked Lips

Cracked or chapped lips are very painful. They are caused by dehydration, smoking, constant licking of one’s lips and due to the dryness of weather. You can easily tell whether your lips are cracked or not. The redness and the dryness of the lips in such conditions make it hard for you to talk, eat and even smile. In such conditions the best natural remedies for cracked lips must be tried, as only natural products can cure such a problem completely. Stated below are a few natural remedies for cracked lips which you can try:

1. For chapped lips one can make use of coconut oil. This oil has moisturizing qualities and can nourish your dry lips in very short time. Especially if your lip condition is due to cold and dry weather. You can even make use of olive oil or mustard oil if you are all out of coconut oil. 

2. Making use of cucumber is also beneficial in such conditions. You can take a slice of cucumber and rub it all over your dries lips. Cucumber also hydrates your skin and makes your lips soft and hydrated. It speeds up the process of hydration of your lips. You can apply the cucumber juice for fifteen minutes and the wash it off. Your lips will be cured in no time. 

 3. Aloe vera gel has a very nasty taste but it can heal your lips in such a short time span that it is almost dramatic. You get shocked with the fast healing process. Just apply the gel to your chapped lips and your pain will get relieved in such short time.

 4. The roses in your garden are also very helpful for chapped lips. You can take some rose petals and wash them thoroughly with water. After this soak these rose petals in milk, later make a paste out of these rose petals. You can soak the petals in glycerin if you want to. You must apply this mixture to your lips every night before going to bed. Not only will this make your lips hydrated but will also maintain their natural color.ccc 

5. Dry lips are a cause of dehydration and for this purpose you need to drink plenty of water so that the collection of toxins inside your stomach washes away and your body is hydrated and this will be shown through the right condition of your lips. 

6. Castor oil is an ingredient which is also present in lip glosses and chap sticks is known to hydrate your skin and cure the problem of chapped lips.
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