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Best Makeup Tips for Round Face Shape

Everyone has specific face shape which is natural and can’t be changed. Some have round face, others oval, long, pear-face , diamond and heart shape. Makeup for each shape is different and it should suit your natural features by enhancing good points and concealing any flaws.

Makeup for round face shape is fairly simple to do and fun to work with. It is well-balanced and has equal length and width. Its perfect proportion makes it beautiful and easy to do makeup. With precise makeup, you can add some length into it and make a bit oval shaped.

Dark foundation for Round Face
Round face looks good with dark shade of foundation. Apply evenly all over the face and neck especially on both cheeks. Dab some on jaw line to make it look slender.

Special Blusher Round Face

Apply blush on the cheeks to make them look narrow. Choose rosy pink color or peach and try not to overdo because too dark color will make you clown. Blend it well to avoid any smudges and give the right effect.

Lip color for Round Face

Apply your favorite shade in lipstick of gloss on the inside of lip line. Make sure it does not get outside. Just follow natural shape of the lips and evenly apply gloss. Apply several coats to keep it intact for several hours. To enhance staying power of lip gloss or lipstick, apply lip balm and coat few layers of lipstick until entire area is fully covered.

Then dab some talcum powder and pat excess of that. Re-apply another thick layer and then finish off. Remove excess of the gloss from around the lip line and shape it well.  To give good effect, line the outer are of the lips using a lip pencil of the same shade or one shade darker than the lip gloss color. It will help in proper application of the color and also define the shape. Merge the lip color well into the lipstick and make sure it does not appear distinct.

Round Face Eye brows Makeup
Pluck your eye brows in thin lines and then draw their shape with eye brow pencil. Extend them and make them appear longer in shape. Use dark brown pencil instead of black. Cover any area that has thin or meager hair on the eye brows.

Eye shadow for Round Face Shape

Apply eye shadow and make corner at the outer edge, using dark color like black, chocolate brow or deep gray. It will look beautiful. Sourced By Healthidia

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