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Match Solid Idea Little White Dress

The white color is becoming a trend in the Spring Summer 2013 collections of designers the world this year. For it does not hurt to change the channel by adding black or white dress LWD in your collection. Like the black overalls or LBD, the white overalls too easy you bedplate solid match.

Match Solid Tips Little White Dress

Here are ideas solid match a white dress that you can copy from the website All Women Stalk.

1. Choose the Right LWD

Before wearing a white dress or LWD bedplate this, make sure the size and color suitable for your body for those of you who were white, bright white color will make you more shine and those who are dark-skinned, white ivory or cream is recommended. In addition, notice the white overalls materials you use and use underwear with matching color.

2. Alloy Color Clear

If you want to look more stylish in her white dress, mix overalls with bright colors like red, blue, or pink but do not add too much color, simply select one of the accessories that color contrast. Can shoes, bag or your jacket.

3. Add Metallic Materials

The white color will look elegant with the addition of metallic accents. Can be embroidery, sequins or the accessories you wear should not hesitate to combine it with statement accessories or shoes glitter. The combination of metallic colors will give the impression of a more modern look.

4. Belt

If you would like additional canal plain white in color, add accessories like a belt to make it look more stylish For a casual look, you can choose a brown belt and wearing sandals with matching color. Or choose a metallic color belt and shoes pump for a more formal event.

Match Solid Tips Little White Dress-

5. Accessories Black

For those of you, who want to look elegant, mix of white overalls with black material? You can wear a belt, bag, shoes or accessories black for appearance more prominent. Black blazer choices also can wear to the office, or select a black leather jacket for a casual look.

6. Denim

Another way to be creative with the white overalls is adding a denim jacket. Combine white and blue palette with shades of brown to give the impression of ‘country’ that is perfect for summer.

7. Motive

Alloy patterned accessory on your plain white overalls, will make an appearance so unusual. You can add a scarf, blazer or patterned leggings for a more exciting.

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