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Get Rid of Dark Lips 11 Natural Remedies

How to Get Rid of Dark Lips Naturally

Dark lips are a growing concern amongst men and women as they can look highly unattractive and make your entire personality appear quite unappealing. There are various causes which can lead to discoloration of lips such as excessive smoking, using cosmetics like lip sticks and lip glosses of an inexpensive and unknown brand or applying them on a daily basis, high intake of caffeine through tea and coffee. Furthermore, certain allergies, dryness, unwarranted exposure to sun and not treating the problem at an initial stage are all causes that can eventually lead to an individual having dark lips. It is best to cure the problem when you first start noticing signs of pigmentation and discoloration, but even if it continues to perpetuate you can following these tips.

How to Get Rid of Dark Lips Naturally
1.    The most potent, simple and widely used method to reduce darkness on lips is done through applying a mixture of honey, glycerin and lemon juice which can be done after the lips are gently exfoliated with a tooth brush before going to bed.
2.    Discoloration can also reduce significantly by applying almond oil.
3.    Smoking is a primary cause of darkened lips so try to quit or at least reduce smoking.
4.    Another natural method of reducing discoloration is by applying yoghurt on the lips twice daily.
5.    Like smoking, reduce the intake of caffeine by lessening the amount of tea and coffee you have every day and take juices and lots of water instead.
6.    Natural ingredients such as oils are very good to cure the problem of discoloration. You can apply either olive oil, clove oil or mustard oil to make your lips soft, pink and plump.
7.    Application of Vaseline is also said to be a quick method of lightening dark lips.
8.    Improving your diet can also lead to quick results for solving discoloration. Take milk daily as it’s high nutrition value is generally very beneficial for your skin and can hence make your lips beautiful as well.
9.    As mentioned earlier, using cosmetics such as lip sticks can cause discoloration. Therefore, avoid using them on a daily basis or use a brand which identifies to contain minerals that solve the problem of discoloration.
10.    Apply a balm with an SPF 15 or greater when you step out of your house during the day.
11.    Increase the intake of leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet.
These tips are known to produce the quickest results but if your problem does not eliminate, consulting a cosmetician or dermatologist is your best bet!
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