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Important tips when choosing your accessories

Accessories indispensable for every woman, it is an important tool for elegance, in addition to its ability to give a different appearance for each piece of clothing, but be careful because your choice of accessories if not successful, it is possible to spoil your look completely, and even spoil the form of accessories the same, even if distinctive and expensive.
There are some general rules when selecting accessories that tells you about «fashionegy».

• accessories must be appropriate to the quality and appropriate clothing, colorful accessories may not be suitable for formal appearance, and many bright lobes is suitable clothes for the morning.

• Do not prefer to wear short chains if you wear high fitness, and you can wear a long series up to the middle of the chest.

• If your fingers do not wear short rings large and contented himself with our child high or medium little finger.

• animate neck short suits them contract or chain wrapped around the neck and prefers to wear long strings, it is suitable for women with long neck third full.

• women with long neck thanks to wearing pendant earrings because long earrings give greater neck length, which is more suitable for women with short neck.

• If you wear colorful accessories must be consistent colors with the colors of the clothing, so do not give a result repulsive.

• Do not wear gold and silver together or with gold accessories, because it reduces the value and spoil the appearance.

• Do not wear anklets with formal wear, because it does not suit them.

• Finally choose accessories which is consistent with the taste, because it reflects your personality.
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