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2013 Hair Colloring Ideas

bright Hair Color Trends for 2013
Are you looking for a new hair color? Whether you want to do something new and unique with highlights or you want to do a trendy all over color, then you should consider the trends that will be popular in the coming year. You certainly do not want to do the same old same old from the past. Instead, you need to consider hair color trends of 2013. There are plenty of options that will be quite popular in the coming year, so be sure to choose one that you will love. Keep in mind that if you are not totally confident in the new color, you can always choose semi permanent hair color that will wash away after a time. Then, if you love the color, you can have your hair permanently dyed.

Bright, Bright Colors:

hair color trends 2013
It is no secret that the bright colors are continuing to be a favorite. These trends have gotten more creative than ever though. If you want to do all over color, consider something bold and bright like pink or electric blue. Think of the looks that Katy Perry and Nikki Minaj like to choose for their hairstyle.
If you want to be even more creative, consider the dip dye styles that are very popular for the coming year. This includes keeping your natural hair color overall, but then dipping just the ends in something bold and vibrant. You could choose a single color dip or multi colors to create a stunning rainbow effect.

Highlights in a Warm Way:

Long Layered Hairstyle with highlights 2013
Highlights have always been popular, but the new hair color trends for 2013 center specifically around warm highlights. That means choosing colors that fall into the warm family, like golden or caramel blond, bright or deep dark red, or even chocolate browns. The trends include choosing more dramatic highlights that are several shades different from the natural hair color.
If you want something truly unique, then consider this option for hair color trends in 2013: choose several different shades of highlights to be used in various spots over the whole head. This will create a great deal of depth and definition. Just make sure you choose similar colors in warm tones to keep up with the trends.

The Ombre Hair:

Whitney Port Ombre Hair 2013
Rachel Bilson ombre hair
The ombre hair is popular in recent years. Similar to the dip dyed style, these hair color trends of 2013 include lightening just the ends of the hair. For darker hair, this can include lighter shades of brown from the chine down on long styles. For blond hair, the look can be achieved by going a shade or two lighter. Keep in mind that no matter your hair color, you will only want to go a shade lighter than your natural color. Two shades lighter at the most. If you go more dramatic, then you will end up looking too two toned.
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