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Diet water for the bride

What is the diet of the water? Is it really useful in weight loss significantly? Discover the answer in the following lines!

The idea that diet water to eat 4 cups of water and the capacity of each and one 160 ml on an empty stomach and not eating any food except after 45 minutes, taking into account the increase in the amount of water gradually.
And experts advise in "Japan Federation of disease" not to eat any food or drink during the hours following each of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and publish "the Japan Federation of disease" therapy experiment with water, proved successful 100% for the treatment of diseases of old and modern.
Benefits of diet water
Diet water has been known for cod at the Arabs, it was stated Sheikh "Nasser Eldin Al albani" benefits water experience, after he read about the mark "Son of values" experience water treatment for 40 days, so the same experience, and confirmed that weight dropped about 20 kg or more It also has healing of many diseases that had suffered, and went out Sheikh from his experience that the theory in which he said that man lives in the case of drinking water for 40 days without food.
In medical terms, specialists advised to drink water in large quantities; because it helps the body to burn greater amounts of fat by raising the level of metabolism, especially when you refrain from drinking carbonated water.
The doctors also believe that drinking water before meals by about half an hour to lose the desire to eat, but they warn the intake of water during food because it leads to indigestion injury.

Erroneous beliefs about diet water:
Of the most common beliefs misconceptions about diet water to drink warm water helps more in the accursed, where he works to burn fat faster, but true that cold water - not warm - is the most effective in the accursed, helps cold water to lose weight more effectively of warm water, due to the fact that the body immediately upon receipt of any liquids or fueled adjusts temperature If income cold water he immediately raise its temperature rises burn rate and makes it produces a larger amount of sweat and feel then that he needed to drink a quantity of water to make up lost.
 That the water works to alleviate the sense of hunger, because it fills the stomach and intestine, which gives a sense of fullness, and the drinking water in sufficient quantities to prevent deposition of fat in the body, where he works to transfer the largest possible amount of waste and fat out of the body, especially those fats known fat paper causing obesity.
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